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Audio Recovery, Historical Audio Restoration, Live Audio Enhancement, Computer Forensics, and Data Recovery

Audio Recovery - Data Recovery

Our company provides sonic restoration, digitization, audio enhancement, filtering, and analysis of audio and speech recordings. We can isolate speech and other sonic events from surveillance footage, mobile phone footage, telephone calls and recorded messages.

Sonic Discovery has recently expanded it's services to include recovery, restoration and preservation of historical audio recordings. Additionally we have added restoration and mastering of live entertainment sound tracks and live standup comedy performances. Sonic Recovery can bring out the live sound from your recordings. Call or email for a no-cost quote and demo of your live standup performance.

Sonic Discovery can convert and restore your analogue recordings, albums and cassettes into digital formats which can be played on computers, mobile devices and imported into cloud services. We also provide data recovery services of computer hard drives, electronic devices and other tape storage devices.

Audio Restoration
Audio Restoration:
  • Sonic Recovery provides professional audio restoration, digitization, enhancement, and analysis of your audio recordings. Our company can digitally restore, enhance, and sonically filter your audio and voice recordings, delivering these files in a format you can safely store and use on computers and mobile devices. We restore audio, speech and other sonic events from surveillance footage, mobile phone footage, telephone calls and recorded messages.
  • Do you have voice or music recordings that need to be digitally restored, or sonically enhanced? Do you have recordings that need vocals [speech] isolated or enhanced for personal or professional reasons? Some examples include surveillance recordings, cell phone messages, audio/video interviews, and business or personal meetings.

  • Audio Recovery
Data Recovery:
  • Our computer forensic services, data recovery services, and password recovery services are also provided with the highest standards and security. Are your audio files stored on an old out of date broken computer or other obsolete digital device? Do you need to recover documents, pictures audio recordings or any type of data from old hard drives? Sonic Recovery can recover most, if not all of your lost files using proven forensic recovery techniques. We also provide limited password hacking and password recovery services. See our IT Support Desk page to request assistance: Support Desk.
  • We specialize in Commercial and Consumer needs, other digital mediums, and personal devices and recordings.
Data Security:
  • Security and confidentiality protocols are extremely important at Sonic Recovery. With recent security compromises, Sonic Recovery is continually revising and improving our security protocols. Client digital files, once retrieved, are placed onto encrypted drives and then moved to off-line hard-key encrypted drives and remain confidential. All files recovered are delivered to you with any working copies over-written to encrypted standards.
  • We use Linux Kali and Debian Operating Systems, along with VMWare for data recovery and security.
Mixing & Mastering:
  • Our Sister Business Sonic Discovery Studios offers Multitrack recording, Multitrack and stem mixing for commercial, pop, rock, hard rock, reggae, and jazz. Mastering includes working with your two track mix to bring out the most of your music. Mix and master your live multitrack and stereo recordings. We also provide Audio Post-Production and Foley services.

  • Sonic Discovery Studio
  • Visit here Sonic Discovery Studio.

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