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Body Cameras & Audio: Will you actually hear all the important events?

Audio recorded from bodycams not only documents speech from the police officer and the citizens they encounter, but also every sonic event that is occurring within the dynamic range of that particular bodycam microphone.

There will be wind and many other weather events that could be occurring. There very well could be cars driving by, other people talking or yelling over the officer and citizen. A multitude of unwanted audible events from cell phones ringing and loud music may very well suppress needed audio evidence of innocence or guilt.

It is becoming extremely important for law enforcement agencies to not only have the best visual evidence from bodycams, but also the best and most accurate audio evidence. Being able to digitally enhance and properly clarify true audio evidence in a forensic sound manner will also become a necessary tool for any law enforcement agency that deploys bodycams.

Written by Jeffrey Harris
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